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"I find Theobald's book to be a great way to introduce the basic concepts of GIS using ArcGIS, because it does not teach the concepts in a "cookbook" approach or in the "point-and-click" method of some books. This book shows the GUI and teaches the concepts in a way which requires the students to think through the steps necessary in GIS. This helps them not only grasp these ideas but also understand why the program is doing what it is doing. Our whole GIS team uses this book to teach the intro and advanced GIS courses."

David Harms Holt, Ph. D.
Department of Geography, Miami University, Oxford, Ohio

"I have enjoyed using GIS Concepts and ArcGIS Methods, 2ed.  It’s nice to have data and examples that my students can relate to. This is a great book, and I recommend it for use in advanced-level courses!"

Denise Chavez
Program Coordinator, GIT Program, Southwestern Indian Polytechnic Institute

"Theobald's GIS Concepts and ArcGIS Methods is the best overall users guide for ArcGIS software on the market. It is clearly written, richly illustrated, and extremely comprehensive. I have used it for years in my basic and advanced GIS classes. The students have found the books to be the perfect companion, and safety net, for their GIS work. These books are much more than "how to" guides; they provide insightful background on how spatial operations work, when they should be used, and how to interpret the results."

Peter August, Ph.D.
Professor of Natural Resources Science and Director of the Coastal Institute, University of Rhode Island

" excellent combination of theoretical concepts with practical, hands-on guidance. In our 'GIS Practicum' course, we've found that it really does bridge the gap between a user manual and a conceptual textbook, which helps to move our students beyond 'blind button pushing' in GIS."

Dawn Wright, Ph.D.
Professor of Geography and Oceanography, Oregon State University